MSEF Logox650White

MSEF Logox650White
237 Langford Church Rd.
Brantford, ON N3T 5L4
(519) 865-8523 

(519) 865-8523 
237 Langford Church Rd.
Brantford, ON N3T 5L4


    Indoor Arena

    Our 77x144' indoor arena is lined with windows on three sides, allowing for lots of natural light to brighten your ride. There are also large doors on three sides and two large sliding windows to allow for plenty of breeze during the hot summer months. The footing is well known for being the same footing used for the Royal Winter Fair, with very little dust, good spring, and traction.

    Outdoor Sandring!

    The 180x330' sand-ring boasts exceptional footing with tile draining which allows for it to be open almost all year-round. It is also completely fenced-in for safety should a horse get away from its rider.

    Viewing Lounge!

    We have put considerable time and effort into making this over-head viewing lounge a comfortable and desirable place to relax in or sit while observing other riders.  The heated viewing lounge has numerous chairs, tables, and a couch, as well as blankets, a refrigerator, microwave, and electric fireplace!

    Tack Area!

    We have an area devoted to tack-up, with two cross-tie sections as well as a wash-stall that can double as a third cross-tie.  It provides easy access to the arena as well as the sand-ring, and ensures safety of other riders and horses by positioning the horses’ back ends away from traffic. There are mats under each cross-tie for grip, and proper drains to avoid moisture.

    Tack Room

    Our tack-room is very neat and organized. It offers a personal bridle rack, saddle rack, and locker for each boarder with adjustable shelving.

    Fields & Paddocks!

    Our paddocks are all fenced in solid wood and stand at the required height of 5 feet. Most of them do not share a fence-line with other paddocks in order to prevent fighting between horses. We also offer access to large grass fields in the summer and fall months with sturdy wood and 6” panel system fencing.

    Local Trails & Cross Country!

    Although Morning Star does not personally own any trails, we have access to a sizeable amount of trails all around us. Many of our boarders were pleasantly surprised, having come from the conservation area and realizing they would not have to give up their accessibility to hours of trails.
    The Dundas Valley section of the Hamilton Conservation Area is only a short, 15-minute trailer ride, from our facility providing 40km of trail system within a 1200 hectare forest stretch. Several local show circuits provide ample competitive opportunity nearby including Hamilton Hunt and the Ancaster Fair Grounds (again 10-15 minute trailer drive) and quick access to Highway 403 provides fast and easy access from all parts of Brant County, Oxford County, and Hamilton Areas.  The 403 is an easy and fast corridor to Trillium events both East, West, and North of us.

    Cross Country Jumping


    We have an area devoted in part to cross-country jumping. At the moment these jumps include a brick fence, a plank jump, a table-top, a tire jump, and multiple log jumps. This selection will continue to grow during the spring and summer months as we get underway with building more.

    Additional Facilities!


    Five minutes away from Morning Star is another family owned and operated facility. It has 30 acres of paddocks and grass fields with a couple stalls and multiple large run-in shelters.  It is an deal place for boarding retired horses, lay-ups, or broodmares.

    MSEF Logox650White

    Morning Star Equestrian Farm
    237 Langford Church Rd. Brantford, ON N3T 5L4
    (519) 865-8523